The features of meat cutting machine

CNHEXIE-GROUP Machinery Co., Ltd.       2017/10/14

QTJ450-I Fresh meat cutting machine


◇Lengthwise cutting, extremely accurate cutting width.

◇The conveyor belt has been used to ensure that the meat is passed smoothly through the blade, ensuring that the meat is complete, even, and less waste.

◇Cutting width can be accomplished by changing the blade, can complete various specification product cutting.

◇The machine can be used with a slice machine in the same time, and the output is extremely high.

◇The advanced design concept, the conveyor belt can easily disassemble, convenient to replace the washing.

◇Use ultra-wear-resisting blade, sharp edge, high service life.

◇Use imported electrical appliances, safe and stable.

◇Made in stainless steel and engineering plastic, easy to clean and HACCP standard.

◇Easy operation and low maintenance cost.