• Meat slicing machine

    Precise cutting thickness. Minimize labor cost. Can work with strip cutting machine to produce same size strip product. Can work with intelligence cutter to produce same weight product.

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  • Meat cutting machine

    Lengthwise cutting, extremely accurate cutting width. The conveyor belt has been used to ensure that the meat is passed smoothly through the blade, ensuring that the meat is complete, even, and less waste. Cutting width can be accomplished by changing the blade, can complete various specification product cutting. The machine can be used with a slice machine in the same time, and the output is extremely high.

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  • Forming Machine 400

    HKF-400,HKF-600 Automatic Multi Forming machine can automatically perform various procedures such as meat filling ,forming and outputting ,and combine a fully automatic prepared food line when connecting with the batter , preduster ,fryer ,cooker ,instant freezer and packing machine .It adopts the method of four-screw feeding system ,greatly reduces the cutting of the material ,and has better features of high production capacity and stable quality.

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  • Forming machine 200

    This Patty machine can automatically perform various procedures such as meat filling, forming and output and forming and output and form a fully automatic prepared food line when connected with the battering machine, preduster, frying machine, cooking machine, instant freezer and packing machine, sharing the good features of high production capacity and stable quality.

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  • Batter mixer (Dilute)

    Batter mixer HKDXJ is a machine to evenly mix the water and the batter powder, applied in diluted batter powder.

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  • Batter mixer (Dense)

    HKDNJ batter mixer use the special-design beater to evenly mix the batter power and water. It is applied for the high viscosity tempura batter.

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  • Drum breader

    By the turning of the tumbling box, it can coat the products with even layer of the coating flour; increase the quantity of the flour on the products surface. It causes the obvious scaly food surface. It is used for the massive products flouring and breading processing. Such as chicken nuggets, Popcorn Chicken, fish nuggets etc.

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  • Drum batter

    By the turning of the tumbling box ,it can make products rolling and collision then coat the surface of products with even layer of batter. It is specially used for chicken and various seafood such an fish ,shrimp, Scallop etc.

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  • Tempura Battering Machine

    Tempura battering machine (dipper) HKJJ realized batter coating by dipping the products into the batter bath .It is widely used in tempura products, meat, poultry ,seafood and vegetable.

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  • Battering Machine

    Battering machine HKLJ can offer a even coating of the chicken (poultry),beef ,meat ,seafood etc with a two-layer batter curtain on the top and a batter under-bath .It is suitable for the processing procedure before breading and predusting.

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  • Flouring Machine

    SFJ600-V preduster is specially designed for coating food processing, it coats the bottom of the products by the layer of the flour on the conveyor belt, it coats the surface of the products by the unique belt pouring the flour evenly to the passing products on the belt. This can ensure the coating evenly, equally, and the coating quantity is controlled.

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  • Breading Machine

    Breading Machine SXJ-Ⅵ coats evenly the chicken, beef, meat and seafood a top layer by outpouring the crumbs from the hopper and a bottom layer while the products are passing the conveyor.

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  • Meat Tender machine

    Meat tenderizer applies the mechanical method to cut the meat gently with two groups of sharp multi-cutters sawteeth-like meanwhile damage the connective tissue, tendons and ligaments, then makes the salt water immersed into the meat fiber, which can shorten the rolling processing time, perfect the structure of the meat.

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  • Flattening Machine

    Flattening machine flattens the fresh or frozen meat by four pressure rollers to a certain thickness to increase the surface of the products, Thus makes the products to reach the consistency of cooking time and reduce the frying time. It is a processional equipment to produce the chicken steak, meat steak, and fish steak. The machinery is widely applied for all the poultry, meat, beef, fish, cheese and boneless meat.

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  • Vacuum Fryer

    Vacuum frying pan, oil heating system, vacuum system, oil filling system, pneumatic system, automatic deoil system, electrical control system.

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